Master of Fine Arts, Fine Arts, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1981

(studied with Krystof Wodiszko, John Greer, and Eric Cameron)


Bachelor of Arts, Summa Cum Laude, Art and Art History, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, 1979

(studied with Athena Tacha, Paul Arnold, John Pearson, and William Hood)




  • Summer Institute for Diversity Education, Ohio University, 2016

  • Managerial Essentials, Ohio University, 2014

  • Italian, Yale University Summer Language Institute, 1980




  • Rome Prize Fellowship in Sculpture, American Academy in Rome, Italy, 1982

  • Fulbright Fellowship, Fine Arts, Rome, Italy, 1982

  • Antioch College Faculty Fund, 1986-2007




Director, School of Art + Design, 2007-2017. Responsibilities include personnel management (30 full-time faculty and 8 staff), faculty and student development, budget management, curriculum oversight, course scheduling, search committees supervision, faculty and staff evaluation, public relations, enrollment management. 


Interim Director, Aesthetic Technologies Lab (@Lab), 2010-2013. The @Lab provides the tools and resources to promote creative inquiry at the intersection of technology development and fine arts practice. The @LAB supports processes and projects that integrate high- and low-end technology and include cross-disciplinary collaboration.


Various Committees, Including:

  • Advising Committee, Chair. Coordinated with the other directors of the College of Fine Arts to implement an advisor evaluation instrument and process.

  • Future of the College Subcommittee, Chair. Proposed a Center for Arts Innovation & Studies that would bring faculty and students together from across the College and University around interdisciplinary interests.

  • Scholarship Committee. Coordinate scholarship strategies for the College of Fine Arts.

  • Academic Review Committee, Chair. Review “at risk” students.




Chair, Artistic & Cultural Inquiry Department, 2005-2007. Managed personnel, budgets, and programs for Visual Arts, Dance, Music, Theater, Communications, Literature, History, Philosophy, Religion, and Women’s Studies.


Chair, Arts Department, 1991-1993, and 2000-2005. Visual Arts, Dance, Music, and Theater.


Various Committees, Including:

  • Curriculum Committee, 2005-2007. Included chairs from the other academic departments, supervised, planned and implemented the curriculum.

  • Budget Committee, 1992-1994, and 2000-2004. Prepared and submitted the college-wide budget for approval by the Board of Trustees.

  • Faculty Personnel Review Committee, 1986-2007. Reviewed and made recommendations on tenure and promotions.

  • Assessment Committee, 2003-2005. Supervised college-wide assessment.

  • Academic Policy Review Committee, Chairperson, 1987-1989, and 1995-2000. Reviewed student academic progress and made policy recommendations on the academic program and graduation requirements.

  • Director, Herndon Gallery, 1997-2001. Chaired the exhibition committee, provided curatorial oversight, and hired and supervised student employees.

  • Renovation Task Force, 1989-1999. Supervised the college-wide planning process for new buildings and renovations.

  • Calendar Task Force, Chairperson, 1990-1993. Recommended and coordinated the transition from a quarter calendar to a tri-semester calendar.

  • Affirmative Action Committee, 1986-1988. Worked to identify qualified candidates of underrepresented groups for faculty and administrative searches.




National Council of Art Administrators, 2007-present. The NCAA is a community of current and future arts administrators in higher education. The organization promotes, enhances, and maximizes communication among Arts administrators.

  • Board of Directors, Elected, 2015-2018.


American Association of University Processors (AAUP), 1998-present. The AAUP advances academic freedom and shared governance, defines fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, promotes the economic security of faculty, academic professionals, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and all those engaged in teaching and research in higher education.

  • President, Ohio Conference AAUP, Elected, 2004-2005

  • Secretary-Treasurer, Non-Collective Bargaining Chapters, Elected, 2005-2010

  • President, Antioch College AAUP, Elected, 1998-2006


College Art Association Subcommittee, 2013. Drafted a revision of the CAA standard: Guidelines for Part-time Professional Employment. Membership included: Tom Berding, Michigan State University, John Richardson, Wayne State University, Janet Casey, Skidmore College, Modern Language Association (MLA) representative, Zoe Darling, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Dennis Nawrocki, Wayne State University, Kate Wagle, University of Oregon, and David LaPalombara, Ohio University.        




  • Graduate Painting

    • Weekly critique discussion of student work.

  • Critique Community (undergraduate)

    • Includes critique discussions of ongoing work and presentation strategies for the BFA thesis exhibition.


  • Professional Practices (Graduate)

    • Equips graduate students in art with the necessary skill sets to design, edit, and market their professional presentation. Acquiring these skills will help students expand the possibilities for and effectiveness of their post-graduate applications. 


  • Art and Environment (Undergraduate School of Art + Design/Environmental Studies)

    • Examines the myriad relationships between art, environmental issues, and environments. Designed to help art students introduce environmental issues into their work and to teach environmental studies majors and students from other departments how art can enhance environmental awareness.


  • Sculpture VI/Sculpture Workshop (Advanced Undergraduate)

    • Develop study topics in consultation with the instructor.


  • Graduate Sculpture Seminar

    • Weekly critique discussion of student work.


  • Citizenship (a team-taught course with Political Science and History)

    • Explores American Citizenship through the context of art. Students consider how art both influences and reflects who gets to participate as a citizen. Students examine how race, gender, and class influence this process, including questions of censorship and privilege in art.


  • Light (a team-taught course with Physics)

    • Explores 'light' from the dual perspectives of science and art. Students conduct scientific experiments, test theories, and use ideas of light to make sculptures, drawings, paintings, pinhole photographs, and holograms.


  • Ecological Sculpture (a team-taught course with Environmental Studies)

    • Helps art students address ecological issues in their work, and teaches environmental studies majors how art can enhance ecological awareness. Studio projects cover a range of environmental issues, including food pollution, sustainability, ecological justice, and junk art.


  • Public Sculpture

    • Explores site-specific, environment, and landscape installations. Assignments explore theoretical and practical problems of this genre, including public art, art in public places, and the political process of public art.


  • Metal Sculpture

    • Introduces students to metal processes, including oxygen-acetylene and electric arc welding, lost styrofoam, and lost wax casting.


  • Stone Carving

    • The primary emphasis in this course is soapstone and alabaster carving.


  • Sculpture I

    • Investigates the processes of perception, representation, and analysis through the assignment of studio projects, selected readings, discussions, demonstrations, and presentations. Media and techniques include clay modeling, plaster, cement and metal casting, wood construction, and welding.


  • Sculpture II

    • A continuation of the conceptual and technical problems of sculpture. Regular work in-class combined with regular assigned and independent work.


  • Drawing & Composition

    • Explores various approaches to drawing. Beginning with observational assignments, students practice various drawing methods while working from the human figure, still life and landscape. Additional assignments from imagination, non-traditional approaches and student-directed assignments are included.


  • Advanced Drawing

    • Student-developed topics in consultation with the instructor.


  • Issues in Art

    • Examine issues that affect the production of art within the American sociopolitical context. Topics include censorship, commerce, and cultural identity.


  • Senior Project

    • Provides a forum Arts issues, including sources of creativity, ideation, cross-cultural and historical contexts for art-making, assessing traditions, audience, practice, and presentation versus process.



  • Star Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 2018

  • Panoramas,  Ohio University Southern Art Gallery, Ironton, Ohio, 2016

  • Star Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 2015

  • Gallery at Somes Sound, Somesville, Maine, 2014

  • The Wingspread Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 2008

  • The Wingspread Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 2006

  • Wittenberg University Art Gallery, Springfield, Ohio, 1998

  • The Wingspread Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 1997

  • Kitty’s, Dayton, Ohio, 1996

  • The Wingspread Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 1994

  • The Wingspread Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 1993

  • The Wingspread Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 1991

  • The Art Gallery, Dayton, Ohio, 1987

  • The Art of Attention, Ricardo Barreto Contemporary Art, Boston, Massachusetts, 1985

  • Incontro, Galleria Casa Rustica, Rome, Italy, 1984

  • Chiaro Scuro, Galleria Felice Prato, Rome, Italy, 1983

  • The Fall of Light, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1981

  • Perceptions of Nature, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1980

  • Alterations in Nature, Allen Memorial Art Building, Oberlin, Ohio, 1979

  • The Arboretum, Oberlin, Ohio, 1979



  • Holzer Gallery, Athens, Ohio, 2018

  • OH+5, 11th Biennial Ohio Border Exhibition, Jurors: Tim Bearse, Kim Beck, Dana Goodman. The Dairy Barn, Athens, Ohio, 2018

  • The Athens Voices USA 2017, The Dairy Barn, Athens, Ohio, 2017

  • Faculty Exhibition, Kennedy Museum of Art, Ohio University, 2017

  • Star Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 2016

  • “I Am NSCAD” Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2015

  • Sky High, Riffe Gallery, Ohio Arts Council, Columbus, Ohio, 2014

  • Athens Paints, Dairy Barn, Athens, Ohio, 2014

  • Faculty Exhibition, Kennedy Museum of Art, Ohio University, 2014

  • Gallery at Somes Sound, Mt. Desert Island, Maine 2013

  • Gallery at Frenchman’s Bay, Mt. Desert Island, Maine, 2012

  • Butterflies in our Midst, Kennedy Museum of Art, Ohio University, 2012

  • Faculty Exhibition, Kennedy Museum of Art, Ohio University, 2012

  •  The Wingspread Legacy, Courthouse Gallery Fine Art, Ellsworth, Maine, 2010

  • Faculty Exhibition, Kennedy Museum of Art, Ohio University, 2010

  • The Boathouse, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 2009

  • Ethel H. Blum Gallery, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, 2009

  • Faculty Exhibition, Kennedy Museum, Ohio University, 2008

  • The Wingspread Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 2007

  • ARA Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, 2006

  • ARTademics: New Work by Antioch College Faculty, Herndon Gallery, Yellow Springs, Ohio, 2006.

  • The Wingspread Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 2005

  • Kagedo Gallery, Seattle, Washington, 2005

  • Harris Gallery, Houston, Texas, 2004

  • The Wingspread Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 2004

  • The Wingspread Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 2003

  • The Wingspread Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 2001

  • Self Portraits, Troy Hayner Cultural Center, Troy, Ohio, 2000

  • The Wingspread Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 1999

  • Harris Gallery, Houston, Texas, 1998

  • Stables Gallery, Taos, New Mexico, 1995

  • Harris Gallery, Houston, Texas, 1995

  • ARA Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, 1994

  • Gallery 68, Belfast, Maine, 1993

  • ARA Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, 1993

  • Brendan Walter Gallery, Santa Monica, California, 1993

  • Brendan Walter Gallery, Santa Monica, California, 1992

  • Oberlin Bound: Alumni Artists, The Firelands Gallery, Oberlin, Ohio, 1991

  • Main Street/South Anchor Project, Living City Planning Office, Dayton, Ohio, 1989        

  • Screens, Gates, Windows, Noyes Gallery, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, 1988

  • On Site: Artists of the Miami Valley, McKinley Park, Dayton, Ohio, 1987

  • Four Foreign Academies, National Museum of Modern Art, Rome, Italy, 1982

  • American Studies Center, Naples, Italy, 1982

  • Oberlin Artists, Allen Art Museum, Oberlin, Ohio. Juried by John Hallmark Neff, 1979







  • Guidelines for Part-Time Professional Employment. Adopted by on February 21, 1996; revised on February 22, 2004; revised on October 27, 2013. Submitted to the CAA Professional Practices Committee, Jim Hopfensberger (chair), by the Ad Hoc Committee for Guidelines for Part-Time Professional Employment: Thomas Berding (co-chair), Michigan State University; John Richardson (co-chair), Wayne State University; Janet Casey, Skidmore College; Zoe Darling, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design; David LaPalombara, Ohio University; Dennis Nawrocki, Wayne State University; and Kate Wagle, University of Oregon

  • City Secrets: Rome, 2nd Edition, Series Editor, Robert Kahn. (New York: Fang Duff Kahn Publishers, 2011)

  • City Secrets: Rome, Series Editor, Robert Kahn. (New York: The Little Bookroom, 1999)

  • David LaPalombara, Ancient Ruins, Modern Times, Review of Joel Sternfeld’s Campagna Romana, in Aperture:  Explorations: 10 Portfolios (Vol. 130), Winter 1993, pp. 75-76




  • American Academy in Rome, Italy, 1987, 2003, 2005

  • Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1985




  • Transforming Communities Through the Arts, CAA Session Co-Chair, Annual Conference, Los Angeles, 2018

  • Partner or Perish: Team-Teaching, Research Collaboration, + Community Engagement, CAA Annual Conference, Los Angeles, 2018

  • Diversity Presentation and Workshop, National Conference of Arts Administrators Annual Conference, Tucson, Arizona, 2017

  • New England Memories: How Growing Up in New England Changed Our World View, Kennedy Museum of Art, Ohio University, February 24, 2017

  • Partner or Perish: Team-Teaching, Research Collaboration, + Community Engagement, National Council of Arts Administrators Annual Conference, Philadelphia, 2015

  • Inside Out: The Space Between, Kennedy Museum of Art, Ohio University, March 1, 2012

  • Italian Art in Public Places, Columbus Art Museum, Columbus, Ohio, 1990

  • Italian Art in Public Places, Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, Ohio, 1988




  • Grounding Dreams: New Environmental Art, Herndon Gallery, Antioch College, 2006

  • Recent MFA’s, Herndon Gallery, Antioch College, 2002

  • Chiapas, The End of Silence: Photographs by Antonio Turok, Herndon Gallery, Antioch College, 2000

  • Alumni Art Show, Herndon Gallery, Antioch College, 2000

  • New Work by Nix, Sturges and Burge, Herndon Gallery, Antioch College, 1999

  • In the Spirit: Visions and Voices in African-American Art, Herndon Gallery, Antioch College, 1999

  • Aspects of Realism, Photogravure and Drawings by David Bartlett and Charles Kanwischer, Herndon Gallery, Antioch College, 1998

  • Shirts and Shields: Mixed Media & Fiber Art by Gerry Fogarty, Herndon Gallery, Antioch College, 1997



  • MCACD Visual Arts Grants Committee, Montgomery County, Ohio, 2004

  • Environmental Art, Troy-Hayner Cultural Center, 2000

  • Watercolor Painting, Springfield Art Museum, 1999

  • Annual Student Exhibition, Yellow Springs High School, 1997-2003



  • Main Street/South Anchor Project, Dayton, Ohio, 1992

  • Outdoor sculpture, McKinley Park, Dayton, Ohio. Sponsored by the Ohio Arts Council, Dayton Art Institute, Miami Valley Arts Council, and Dayton City Beautiful Council, 1987

  • Installation, American Academy Villa Aurelia, Rome, Italy, 1981




  • Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin, Ohio

  • Gund Collection, Boston, Massachusetts

  • Northeast Harbor Library, Mount Desert Island, Maine

  • Elizabeth B. Noyce, Medomak, Maine           ​




  • National Association of Arts Administrators (NCAA), 2007-present

  • NASAD, Ohio University representative, 2007-2013

  • American Association of University Professors (AAUP), 1998-present

  • College Art Association, 1984-present




  • Lost wax and lost Styrofoam casting (bronze and aluminum)

  • Clay and wax modeling

  • Plaster mold making processes

  • Oxy-acetylene, TIG, and MIG welding

  • Oxy-acetylene and plasma cutting

  • Pneumatic power tools and stone carving equipment

  • Electric metal and wood working equipment

  • 35mm black & white photography and darkroom processes

  • Digital photography, scanning and Photoshop editing




Lieutenant, Miami Township Fire Department, Yellow Springs, Ohio. (1995-2009).


Radio Host, WCHX-FM, Halifax, Nova Scotia. This was a weekly Italian news and music program sponsored by the Italo-Canadian community in Halifax. (1979-1981).


Director of Activities for Nursing Homes, Senior Citizens Division, Oberlin, Ohio. I developed this program to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Oberlin's five nursing homes. With 2 assistants and a cadre of volunteers, I organized activities both in and outside of the nursing homes. I also taught a practicum in institutional gerontology at Oberlin College (1977-1979).